Inspections Too, Inc. is an inspection company that specializes in aiding in the diagnosis of floor covering and moisture related failures. We also associate ourselves with a team of experts consisting of highly qualified scientists, experienced engineers and trained certified inspectors who can further carry out this type of analysis when the situation demands. Our mission is to provide the highest quality diagnostic services in the industry.

The need for this type of service is ever increasing due to the vast majority of factors that play into each flooring and moisture related failure. Flooring and moisture related failures can be avoided if proper testing procedures are followed before installation of a project; however this is not usually the case. Billions of dollars in related damages occur each year from flooring failures related to factors that could have been avoided if proper pre-installation testing had been performed. Such omissions in the pre-installation procedures have cost design and construction professionals millions of dollars in the past few years alone.

At Inspections Too, Inc. our sole purpose as trained independent flooring consultants is to professionally address the serious, concrete moisture and other related flooring failure factors that are adversely affecting the floor covering industry.